Triangle Field Hockey League

TFHL Apparel Order - Winter 2022



It's the moment you've been waiting for...a chance to get your TFHL lemur gear!


Please try and make your order in one-shot; we do not think this form can be filled out more than once (but email us if you accidentally left something out and we'll try and make it happen). And if you have questions about sizing, just ask any of us who got gear in our last order (or try on items that we'll be bringing to our next several events).


The reversible lemur pinnies are mandatory for winter/summer, to serve as our uniforms, so now is your chance to get the exact size you want, as well as adding name/number (if interested).   


Once the items are delivered, we will bring them to our scheduled sessions for you to pick up (we are unable to ship your items to you).


Barring any supply-chain problems, all sales are considered final once payment is submitted.


We will submit this order the morning Oct 27, so please have everything submitted by end of day on Oct 26)!!!


Please direct questions to:

Triangle Hockey